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2018 DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 7

Appeal on Third Verdict in Pinnacle Hip Trial

Video Transcript

Hi Stuart Talley here to do another update on the ongoing Pinnacle metal on metal hip trials. I wanted to provide an update, it’s a quick update because there’s really not too much going on. If you’ve been following our blog you know that there was an appeal of the third verdict that came out and this was the group of five, I’m sorry six, California plaintiffs a verdict that was over a billion dollars that was appealed. There was oral argument on that appeal in June of this year and we’re still waiting for a decision. The internal guidelines for the appellate court is that they are supposed to issue decisions within 60 days after oral argument. We’re now coming up on almost four months since that appeal was argued so we have no idea why it’s taking the appellate court so long. At least we thought that the appeal and the oral argument went well for the plaintiffs but you never know until the court actually issues a decision so we’re still waiting at the same time at the trial court level the court is working on getting a case ready for retrial. So this was the second verdict, this was the five Texas plaintiffs.

Their case was appealed the appellate court issued a decision giving DePuy a new trial in that case and the reason was because there were certain evidence that was admitted at trial that the appellate court believed shouldn’t have been admitted. And as a result the defendants were given a new trial in connection with that case the judge has a trial date of January 14th of next year. There are depositions that are ongoing of employees of DePuy that are going to be admitted at trial there’s also been expert reports that have been issued so that’s where we are at this stage. We’re still waiting this long waiting game. Hopefully a decision from the Fifth Circuit on that California appeal will help the process but we’re still waiting. Like I said one of the things that’s come up often is we get lots of phone calls from people asking for information and what we hear a lot is that people are having trouble getting in touch with their own attorneys to get information about the case.

I did a video a while ago with some helpful tips on how to get your attorneys attention how to get them to return your phone calls and communicate with you about what’s happening with the case. You can find that video on our web page and hopefully that will help out if you have any questions about the litigation of what’s going on you could always call us you could reach us at the phone number on the screen you can go to our website fill out one of our online forms and some we’ll get right back here.

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