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DePuy Pinnacle 2016 Trial Verdict and Your Case

Hi, I am Stuart Talley. I am the partner responsible for the DePuy Pinnacle hip litigation. I am doing this video today to provide an update after receiving lots of calls from people asking, “What does the verdict in the DePuy Pinnacle Trial impact our claim?”

This verdict puts a lot of pressure on DePuy and Johnson & Johnson to settle the pending cases in the MDL. There are approximately 8,000 people who have lawsuits on file. Some of these individuals have undergone revision surgery, and others have not.

In the past, DePuy took the position of settling cases for people who have had revision surgery such as with the DePuy ASR. DePuy’s mindset with the Pinnacle is that they would never settle a case. But this verdict really puts pressure on them to take action.

I assume this verdict will renew settlement discussions. I don’t think there have been settlement discussions at this point. Hopefully, this will bring DePuy to the table to discuss possible resolutions for these cases. One thing to consider, even if DePuy thinks they can win 95% of these cases, 5 out of 100 cases with a $500 million dollar verdict could bankrupt this company. So, the problem with this situation from DePuy’s standpoint is there are many cases they need to deal with.

If you have a Pinnacle hip, I would suggest you give us a call especially if you do not have a case on file. It’s important to have a case on file to protect your legal rights and to ensure you can participate in a settlement, should one occur down the road.

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