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2016 DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 21

Hi, this is Stuart Talley here to provide another update on the ongoing DePuy Pinnacle hip trial occurring in Dallas, Texas. Yesterday, a prospective jury was brought in. Today, there is jury selection.

Yesterday, we were also met with complaints and filings that Johnson & Johnson (J&J) made with the Court of Appeals (COA) to try and get the trial derailed. The first motion they filed with the appellate court was one again objecting to the consolidation of six cases for trial. If you have been watching my videos, you will know that this trial is for six individual plaintiffs all of whom live in California. It will be tried in front of one jury. The defendants are complaining and asserting that this is not fair.

The second motion they filed with the appellate court was a last second motion to contest personal jurisdiction. They are arguing that the court in Texas does not have jurisdiction to even hear the trial. This is a new argument that has not been made previously. I think it is a long shot of having any chance with the appellate court.

So, those were the motions that J&J filed with the appellate court. I do not expect those to go anywhere. The judge is moving forward with the trial. He entered an order yesterday indicating that each side in this trial will only have 70 hours to put on their case. This is an effort to streamline the process to get both the plaintiffs and defendants to determine exactly what types of evidence they want to get into the case, in front of the jury, and to streamline the process so future trials go quicker.

70 hours is still a significant period of time. With 70 hours of testimony and cross examination, you are looking at about 3 weeks of trial. 3 weeks on each side is a 6 week trial. It is substantially shorter than the previous trials which lasted months. But it is still a substantial effort to put on these cases.
The judge allowed live testimony by satellite broadcast which is helpful to the plaintiffs. So, there are some witnesses who live in other states; a lot of them live in California. Their testimony will be presented by Skype, or whichever software. But there will be live video testimony in the court with direct and cross examination of the witness in some other location. This is helpful for the plaintiffs because many witnesses are out of state.

The trial is moving forward. Jury selection is today. Today, they will actually pick the jury. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated. Hopefully, we will have opening arguments tomorrow. I will provide an update on what occurs.

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