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DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update: Week 3

Video Transcript:

We are now in the third week of the trial.

We heard from a Pam Plouhar, DePuy VP of clinical research. She is responsible for testing the Pinnacle hip and ensuring its safety. Testimony revealed the manufacturers were not testing the hips correctly. They weren’t testing the hips in humans since it was not required by the FDA.

They did not do long term studies testing the effects of elevated cobalt and chromium. In fact, most people weren’t aware how cobalt and chromium affected a hip joint when metal on metal hips were released on the market.

This was acknowledged by Ms. Plouhar.

The other testimony came from a defense expert, Dr. John Fisher, a tribologist (a tribologist studies the science of rubbing surfaces). He has strong ties with J&J and DePuy.

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