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Which Hip Implant Do You Have?

Many individuals are implanted with various bearing surfaces in their hip implants- metal on metal hips, ceramic on ceramic, and advanced plastics. Often times, people are unsure of the name and model of their hip implant. There are various ways to acquire this information:

1) Contact your orthopedic surgeon’s office directly with a phone call or email, and request your medical records.

2) Request a copy of your medical records in writing from your orthopedic surgeon’s office or the hospital where your surgery was performed.

Once you have access to your medical records*:

After receiving your medical records, establish which hip prosthesis was implanted into your body. There are generally two places where this is found. First, look for a document titled “operative report.” An operative report describes your hip operation in detail. Typically, the operative report lists the name and model of the prosthetic hip used in your surgery.

Look for the “product ID stickers” if the operative report does not state the name and model. The hip implant components come in a box with a detachable product ID sticker affixed to it. The sticker has a bar code and identifies the name, model, and serial number for the enclosed parts. Many surgeons detach the stickers from the box and then simply attach them to a piece of paper inserted into the patient’s medical records.

*By law, your doctor and the admitting hospital are required to provide you with your medical records.

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