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The DePuy Pinnacle Trial and Multi-District Litigation

The Multi-District Litigation, also called the “MDL”, constitutes individual cases against Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy unit that were filed nationwide. These cases are then moved to one court in order to create a more efficient system; in this particular MDL, it is the United States District Court, Northern District of Texas. Although a part of the MDL, each case will be tried separately in front of the same judge and jury pool. The first trial in a MDL is called a “bellwether”case, or test case. These cases are typically known to set the precedent for future cases to be tried on the same issues. Depending on the outcome, plaintiffs and defendants may decide to continue with litigating the remaining cases, or they may decide to settle.

DePuy will face a similar settlement outcome as the ASR hips if they lose the initial Pinnacle trials.

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