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DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update: Week 7 10/13-10/16

We are providing an update on the ongoing DePuy Pinnacle trial now pending in federal court in Dallas, Texas. This is the very first case to be tried in front of a jury in the country. There are about 6,000 cases now pending against DePuy by people who were injured by their Pinnacle hips. We are now in the seventh week of trial and closing arguments are next week.

The defendants are still putting on their case. The defense has put on evidence for about 2 weeks now. This week we heard from a series of expert witnesses they put on the stand. All these experts have opinions that are negative to the plaintiff. They are blaming the surgeon who put in the hips and the “extreme” angles at which the cups were put into the hips. They are stating the surgeon and “extreme” angles caused the plaintiff’s problems. This has been the basis for DePuy’s defense in this case.

We also heard more video tape testimony. This is where someone was deposed earlier in the case as part of the discovery process, and the video tape of the person’s deposition is played to the jury. We heard from Mr. Ekdahl this week, the ex-CEO of DePuy.

We are on the very last week of trial. Next week is closing arguments and jury deliberations. The length of time it takes for a jury to make a decision is unclear but it could be anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks. It really depends on how difficult a time the jury has making a decision on the case. We will provide in depth discussion on closing arguments, or the lawyer summaries of the 7 weeks of trial.

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