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DePuy Pinnacle Bellwether Trial Status (Week 4 9/22-9/28)

Last week, the remainder of Dr. Nargol’s video deposition was played following the conclusion of Dr. Fisher’s testimony.

On Monday, September 22nd, Dr. Henrik Malchau, an orthopedic surgeon and professor at Harvard, took the stand. He performed two of the plaintiff’s revision surgeries. The jury watched a video of one of the revisions. Dr. Malchau described the surgery from the stand. He mentioned pervasive metal stained tissue and grossly abnormal fluid. His testimony continued, and subsequently concluded, on Tuesday, September 23rd. The jury then watched a video from the index surgeon, Dr. Allmacher.

Kathy Paoli, the plaintiff, took the stand on Wednesday, September 24th. Afterwards, Dan Bagwell, a Certified Life Care Planner and Certified Disability Management Specialist, took the stand.

On Thursday, September 25th, Mr. Bagwell’s testimony concluded. His testimony was followed by Dr. Altwell, a Neurologist, and Rehabilitation and Life Care Planning expert, Scott Bayley, a CPA, and John Paoli, the plaintiff’s husband.

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